“I had the delightful experience of recently receiving a Ka Huna massage given by Steward at his clinic in Chatswood.
Upon entering his clinic, Steward immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. This was my first time visiting his clinic and I opted to receive a Ka Huna massage after listening and reviewing a range of tempting massage options. I was deeply impressed with how Steward explained the benefits of each option and how the various styles of massages contrasted to each other.
After disrobing and using a light towel to cover myself, I laid face down on the massage table. Steward waited patiently outside the cubicle and then entered when I informed him we were ready to begin.
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For the next 90 minutes, commencing with Steward’s first flowing strokes, I found myself entering a physical, emotional and sensory island of absolute tranquillity; free from noise, the hustle of my usual busy life and the ringing of my telephone. Waves upon waves of energy flowed throughout my body as Steward seemingly performed dancing movements as he used his hands, forearms and elbows to ease all of the stress and body pain. Time seemed to cease and I felt a sense of bliss, freedom and peacefulness.
For about 45 minutes, Steward massaged my back – legs, arms, buttocks – before asking me to turn over and the second half of the massage – stomach, arms chest and legs.
After finishing the massage, I felt completely renewed displaying a lively energy and ready to run a marathon. I took the option of showering and then spent time reviewing my massage experience with Steward. I found him so professional and really enjoyed the entire experience.

Steward is an exceptional therapist, communicator and a lovely gentleman.

I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to have a Ka Huna massage or another type of massage, to book an appointment to see Steward. Each month, I will be rewarding myself with a visit to his clinic and needless to say, be having a Ka Huna massage!