Kahuna Massage “Temple Style”
Kahuna techniques

This video was shot at my holiday house in Maianbar. I usually work from a cosy massage room in Chatswood. Currently, I am the only therapist available at Amoeba Massage.

What is Kahuna?

Kahuna or “Temple Style” Lomi Lomi

Kahuna is a dynamic, full body massage which is deeply relaxing. The complexity of the rhythmic strokes allows the whole body to be massaged at once. Coconut oil allows the therapist’s arms to glide over and under the body. The sensations you will experience are difficult for the mind to comprehend. Kahuna can be a truly magical experience with most recipients entering a trance-like state.

If you have an over-active mind or have difficulty winding down at the end of the day, I highly recommended a Kahuna massage. Perhaps you hold a lot of muscular tension as a result of daily stress. Kahuna can relieve the muscular tension and relax the mind simultaneously.

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