Hot Stone Massage
“Hawaiian Style”
Hot Stone techniques

This video was shot at my holiday house in Maianbar. I usually work from a cosy massage room in Parramatta. Currently, I am the only therapist available at Amoeba Massage.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hawaiian Style

Basalt river stones can be used with any Amoeba Massage. We have a dedicated stone heater which keeps the stones at the required temperature. The heat helps to relax the body and mind and hot stones can be placed on a towel, allowing the heat to gradually seep into the body under the towel. Slightly cooler stones can be held in the therapist’s hands and used as part of a dynamic massage flow. At room temperature, the therapist can use the stones to alleviate deep muscular knots with ease.

An Amoeba Massage therapist cycle through the massage stones throughout the massage or use the massage stones sparingly. It is up to you!

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