I’m Stewart Woolley,

Founder of Amoeba Massage

I was working as a high school science teacher, and my previous career inspired me to choose the name Amoeba for my massage business.

Giving and receiving massage has been my most effective form of stress relief during my teaching career. I am passionate about massage and have seen how simply manipulating muscular tissue can profoundly impact the mind, body, and even spirit.

I often quote Melte Sorenson, who is the principal trainer of Kahuna therapists in Australia.

“Everybody, regardless of body shape, age or state of health, can receive Kahuna massage.”

We will tailor the massage to your needs and encourage you to voice any concerns or requests.


Amoeba Massage specializes in Hawaiian-style massage, which includes Kahuna, Lomi Lomi, and Hot Stones.

Hawaiian-style massage is unique as the focus is on long, flowing strokes which massage the body as a single entity.

Coconut oil is used to lubricate the skin, allowing the therapist’s arms to glide throughout the massage.

This results in a deeply relaxing and rhythmic experience, which enhances the therapeutic benefit of massage. Hawaiian massage integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

Amoeba Massage demonstrates the value of an integrated approach to massage therapy and educates the public about Hawaiian massage through promotional videos.

Amoeba Massage prides itself on creating a full-body experience for its clients, which softens the muscles, mobilizes the joints, and relaxes the mind. This integrated approach to massage therapy sets us apart from most of the competition.

Hawaiian style massages are characterized by long flowing strokes

This promotional video demonstrates the ‘flow’ or the dance that characterizes Hawaiian Massage. I incorporate Hot Stones as well as Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Kahuna techniques in my massages.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the kahuna massage at Amoeba Massage in Chatswood. Stewart Wolley was friendly, professional and skilfully unhurried with his techniques and I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Look for chatswood Village Chiropractic on the door and there is three hour free parking.”

Fern, Sydney

“Last Friday, I received a Hawaiian stone massage for 2 hours and it was and I was very impressed. Having had many massages in my life, I can honestly say it was one of the best. The general ambience of the place was sensational with the perfect mix of music, temperature and comfort. I highly recommend Stewart as I still feel relaxed, many days later.”

Matt Brown, Sydney

“I had my first Hawaiian massage with Stewart and found the experience to be very calming & relaxing. Not only did he give me a wonderful 2 hour massage, he really took the time to work my tender spots. Satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend! Thanks Stewart :)”

Claire Vella, Sydney

“I don’t know how Stewart did it but at times it felt as if 3 hands where massaging my body, something I haven’t felt before during a massage! Simply incredible! I can highly recommend Amoeba Massage weather you want to lose some muscle tension or simply

Susanne Grimm, Sydney

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